Mirror Closet Doors – Styles and Options

If you are looking for closet doors that would fit perfectly with the contemporary design of your room, consider mirror closet doors. There are several design ideas for such a door. You can opt for chrome-tinted mirrors to add classiness to your room or beveled edges to give your door a decorative touch.

One great advantage of this door type is it can double as a full-length dressing mirror. This means that you do not have to buy a separate mirror to hang on your wall or the back of your closet door. You get to provide cover to your wardrobe or linen closet while at the same time, use the space as your dressing area. Prices vary depending on your choice of hardware and finishes. Check out some offerings from different online retailers.

Series 2200 Heavy-Duty Steel Sliding Door with Mirror Laminate:

This door is constructed to withstand impact of constant use. The mirror is laminated on 24-gauge steel panel. You can install and adjust this closet door easily. Some of its standard features are nylon ball-bearing roller system for the bottom with 1-inch vertical adjustment, safety-backed mirror with 3.0mm thickness, polished chrome handle, mirror edging of polished chrome Mylar and top and bottom

SpaceSaver Overlay Closet Doors:

This door is a combination of various glass, with frame options in single or double swing design. You have the option to choose between a door set with decorative glass or mirrors or dressing mirrors attached to each door’s back side. It’s very easy to hang. Its overlay opening eliminates the need for a door jamb or a square cased opening.

Series 4400 Framed Bifold Mirror or Panel Door System:

The quality of this door system showed its engineering superiority, ensuring smooth, easy and quiet door movement and trouble-free operation for years. It incorporates Arcadia Industries’ FINELINE bifold system which it claims to have made this door one of the easiest to operate in the industry. You have an option for prefinished paneling for heavy-duty applications such as mirror inserts or children’s room. Because of this, the door system is ideal as replacement or optional upgrade programs. Some of the advantages of this door system are barely visible from mirror edges, easy resizing for non-standard openings and suited for commercial applications because of its strength and durability. Mirror panel dimensions are 1/8 inch, 5/32 inch or 3/16 inch thickness. Mirror panels for wardrobe closet applications are safety glazed.

Series 4550 Aluminum, Sliding Mirror Door System:

This door system brings a sleek design into your bedroom or any areas of your house, including pantry and laundry. It has superior performance and the superb anodized aluminum look. The available finishes are designed to match with window frames, interior trim, finish hardware and bathroom fixtures to enhance the modern look of a room. The anodized aluminum is made to last for a long-time, with no immediate possibility of becoming dull, chipping or peeling. The anodized finish options are bronze, satin, gold, golden bronze, bright silver and bright gold.

Series 4050 Steel Framed Sliding Mirror with Top Roller:

This door features top single wheel rollers designed for smooth, easy and quite operation. Other features are jump-proof snap-in bottom guides, out-of-square opening that is easy to adjust, bottom track designed to be low rise for reduced floor obstruction, prefinished top and bottom track to match the door and a 3.0mm and 4.0mm safety backed mirror. The stiles and rails are available in finishes of bright white, architectural brown, black, vanilla, arctic silver, bright gold and satin gold.

You Can Remodel Your Closet In One Day – Part 1

Are you unhappy with your closet setup? Does it appear to be designed for tiny elves or seven foot giants with shelves too low to the ground and others you can’t reach? Perhaps your closet just does not jive with your wardrobe or personal preferences and you are in need of a place to store your collection of thigh high boots or sports jerseys. If you think your closet was built by Satan then do not put up with it another day. You don’t have to be a professional builder to remodel your closet. With just a few tools, and techniques and the help of your partner and one or two friends you can fully renovate your closet to suit your exact needs in one day or less.

How can that be possible? The trick is in the planning. You must have a well thought out plan before you even start the construction. Here’s what you will need to do.

Take Measurements: Remove all clothes from closet and carefully measure all walls and ceiling height. Check that the measurements are consistent at the floor and ceiling, since walls may not be plumb or square. If there is a small discrepancy of ¼” it won’t make much difference. If things are out by ½” or more make note on your plans.

Draw up your plans: Create a scale (relatively) drawing of the space. The better your drawings the easier the construction will be. Think about what you would like in the closet. Consider your wardrobe needs. Do you need a lot of space for dresses and suits, or more shelves and racks for shoes and things you would like to store? You may want to take a trip to a hardware or home to see what is available. Closet shelving is typically 16″ or 20″ wide and comes in variable lengths which you can cut to whatever size necessary. Write down and measure all items you would like to include in your closet and all the sizes they come in. Once you have an idea of what you want draw it up. You should have a top down “plan” view of the closet, as well as side “elevation” view of each wall. The elevations view is helpful when determining shelving heights. Your drawings don’t have to be beautiful, but should give you a clear concept of what you will be building.

Create a Materials List: This is a critical step. Looking at your plans add up all the components you will need. Work through systematically page by page and determine how each piece will be fastened together and to the wall taking notes as you go. Now rewrite a categorized list of all items you came up with. Allow one category for cabinets, one for shelving, one for hangers, hooks, fasteners and hardware, as well as one for any tools and supplies you expect to purchase or rent. Include a description or model name of each item if you have a preference.

Gather Tools and Supplies: Take inventory of any tools and supplies you’ve acquired from past project. You will need at least a power drill, skill saw, drill bits, and a 4′ or 6′ level. Of course you will need a hammer, measuring tape, square, and pencil as well. Include a hacksaw or angle grinder if you plan on using metal wire shelves. Don’t forget a bit of spackle paste to repair any holes in the wall. A stud finder can speed up the job tenfold and they can be purchased for around 10 dollars.

Spend as much time as necessary on planning. 1 minute of planning can save 5 minutes of work. The next part will explain how to mobilize your team to get the project done in record time.

How to Remove Ink From Leather Furniture

Durham furniture makes a fine adding to your home. The aim of the Durham bed is to support human activities like sleeping as well as other sitting. The Westwood is a best example of Durham bedroom. The extent of this bed is 32 inches.

There are different models in Durham furniture like Brookline, Chateau Fontaine, Eastpointe, Lorraine, Manhattan, Marquis De Lafayette, Mount Vernon, Savile Row, and Southampton. The Durham Panel Bed is simple, elegant bed style with all the special touches of the Savile row craftsmen. In this model there are 2 models kings as well as queen. The dimensions of queen Durham bed is 69″ W x 85″ L x 56″ H. whereas the size of king bed is 86″ W x 85″ L x 56″ H. It includes Headboard footboard rails.

The Durham Savile Row Entertainment Chifforobe in this wardrobe there are 14 cabinets to hold o hold all shapes and sizes. The breakfront entertainment center extends a few inches forward. The dimension of this wardrobe is 72″W x 25″D x 60″H. In this it have pocket doors for TV. Top door slide inside the case and disappear allowing unobtrusive TV Viewing from all angles. This piece is no longer available in Antique Black finish.

In The Durham furniture online there is a Durham Savile Row Antique Cream Armoire doors are 4 drawers, 2 adjustable shelves and removable clothing bar. Lower 2 drawers have cedar bottoms. The dimension of this bed is 46″W x 24″D.

The Durham Mount Vernon Armoire has a removable clothing bar, two adjustable shelves and four spacious drawers, complete with hardware, provide incredible storage capacity. The dimensions of this 47″W x 24″D x 81″H

The Durham Mount Vernon Dressing Chest has enough storage capacity to house an entire season wardrobe. The height of this wardrobe is 54″W x 20″D x 44″H.

The Durham furniture outlet is carved over the interior doors of the central passage inspired the heart-shaped scroll motif that defines this collection. In this you will get one drawer and one adjustable shelf. The dimension of this table drawer is 24″W x 19″D x 30″H

The Durham Mount Vernon Poster Bed is another example of Durham furniture. The Durham mount vermon poster bed comes in two models like king sized bed as well as queen. The Poster Bed is perfectly scaled for today’s master bedrooms. The heavy, solid wood posts are carved and tapered, and the posts end with a delicate finial. The size of the king sized bed is 66″W x 90L x 89H whereas the dimension of the queen sized Durham bed is 84W x 90L x 89H.

Bi-Fold Closet Door Design Selection Tips

Bi-fold closet doors dress up your closet space with fine lines, unique configurations and ea of use unlike any other replacement door you may be considering. Interior designers always make them an integral part of remodel because they know that with the right door hardware and a small investment they can easily fit them into the makeover budget. Home owners have picked up on this trend not only because it is inexpensive, but also because the average person will have great success designing a new wardrobe replacement for those old worn out doors.

It really doesn’t matter whether you are tackling a large walk in closet space or just trying to spruce up the average room for arriving guests. If you’re stuck in a non creative mode, just visiting showrooms or online company displays will get you on the right track and before long your creative juices will be flowing with all the possibilities. The creative side of you will marvel when you discover the functional aspects and budget conscious inspirations you’ll have that transform a room from a boorish area to a centerpiece of visual appeal. The simple way to make any room shine, multi-fold closet doors are a fashionable tend in the U.S. and many other countries where the home has taken center stage to lifestyle.

The design options are nearly endless when you consider the many door track and hardware accessories you can combine with materials that come in acrylics, wood, metal, molded inlays and other features that bespeak luxury in the simplest designs.

For a more sophisticated home you can add to the design mix mirrors that reflect the inside of the room or bring light into areas once unusable. The architectural designs, the framing and tin etchings are so easy to install that you won’t believe the results yourself.

Pre assembled kits are available with pre drilled holes, and standard fits for easy replacement and custom designs that are commonly sold today even though the market is more tuned to the standard configuration. Getting that sleek look is readily available as manufactures have realized that home improvement can be done in stages if the right products are available for the do-it-yourself re-modeler.

When you stop and think, closet doors are probably the most used door in the home. Casual viewing of personal items is never a desire when guests arrive. We want these items readily available, but not open to public view. This may include items such clothes, shoes, linen, toys, exercise equipment and a host of other things common to the home.

The once forgotten closet door has evolved to become a part of the overall home decor. We want them to reflect our homes beauty, create a mood within a room and represent a piece of part of our personality just like the rest of the house.

As you review the multi-hardware kit options, systems, pulls and sets available consider the following:

Size should be the first consideration. Depending on your skills this can destroy the DIY project faster than anything else. Ideally, you want the same size replacement.
It is easy to replace a few panels that are pre-measured and are basically remove and drop in. However, if the closet is walls length then you’ll need to take a few extra steps with cascading tri-folding doors, so everything lines up properly when the job is completed.
As in real estate location is also important. A multi-fold door in an adult space would have different features than one placed in the children’s room or recreation area. So take into account safety, height and hardware before deciding on a design.
The next most important consideration would be what you plan to store in the space. Will the door be continuously opened and closed or will it be used occasionally? Whichever the case take this into consideration.

These four questions are a good start point. However, you’ll also want learn how these doors operate.

Multi-fold doors are installed as panels. The materials are the same in all panels. Their interlocking nature is configured by hinging them together. This allows them to operate like an accordion at the long edges. The louvers require near precise alignment when assembled. It’s a simple operation, but can be handy if you can visualize it before installing the doors yourself.

They stack against each other via door passing over door to neatly come together in a corner of the space. This allows them to fit better in smaller spaces than typical sliding closet doors.

The main advantages of these doors are they allow full view of the closet insides when they are opened fully. No more sliding doors from side to side to gain entrance into one side of the closet, only to realize that what you are looking for is on the other side. And the middle part of the closet is almost inaccessible. Bi-fold closet doors solve this problem since you now have full view of the closet just by pulling open one panel.

You can strategically place furniture in and around the doors since they don’t swing out and crowd the space. In urban areas, apartments and smaller homes this is a big advantage and utilizes the space more efficiently. Overall, these doors look great even when open. So you get to enjoy the aesthetics, functionality and ease of use as these doors bring a fresh perspective to the space.

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